​GOD Always knows where you need to be Placed... I Had A Blessed Stay With Niya And My Sisters Whom I Just Met.. From The Beginning To The End The Sessions And The Chef Delicious Food Yoga And So Much More Speaker Flemming AWESOME I Felt So Welcomed And Blessed All At a the Same Time.... I Thank God For Allowing Me This Experience.... #NIYAYOUTHEBEST♡♡♡ 

Kim Hutchings - Mount Vernon NY



​Soulfood Sessions was just what I needed in my life at that moment. My soul was fed positive energy and motivation, as well as acknowledgment of my weaknesses. I enjoyed every single moment of it. 

Shametrice Williams - Winterville, NC

My experience with Soulfood with Niya was amazing. My Spirit was uplifted and I'm back home with a new attitude. Thank you Niya for what you're doing for us all. Blessings.

Brenda Strickland - Lithonia, GA

This past weekend I had to be vulnerable. I had to let my walls down, which is not always easy. I walked into Niya B. Matthews Soulfood Sessions with Niya Retreat with not much expectations - just a weekend to hop on a plane to Atlanta and getaway. But it became one of the most remarkable, therapeutic and 'soul-shaking' experience. The calmness of the soul is important. I cried, I laughed, I opened up, met and networked with some amazing women.

Thank you Niya for using your purpose to touch the lives of others. What a great weekend it was to Restore, Refresh and Refocus. We all go through struggles and we all handle them differently. But its in those times, we find who we are and who we want to be. Growing, Glowing and God! Beauty for Ashes! 

Petal Wellington - New York, NY

The Soulfood Sessions with Niya experience has changed "MY LIFE" This was the best sister bonding weekend I ever had. This past weekend introduced me to Niya and I was so excited. I followed Niya on Instagram and Facebook and love her quotes, everything about her. Her spirit is contagious and refreshing. I was introduced to some amazing women, that I now consider family. The activities we participated in were uplifting, impactful and Godly influenced. The meals were awesome, chef April (Margaret)put her heart and soul in every meal and you could taste it in every bite. Upon going to the retreat I was searching for bonding and connection because I felt I was moving in different directions from my friends and I couldn't understand why. The retreat helped me with those convictions and gave me understanding as to how to move forward. I left there a different woman, on cloud nine, so relaxed and ready to take on "The World". it made me look at life differently through clearer eyes. I will say this, that I hope that Niya can do a retreat reunion for the spring retreat after a year to see where we are and for us to reconnect because we came in as strangers but left as sisters. I think every woman should experience this because it will change their life.  
Tarsha Johns - Baltimore, MD


Attending Soulfood sessions with Niya Women retreat this weekend was the 1st women retreat I have attend. I soulfully believe that God places you in the right place at the right times in your life. This retreat was beyond amazing the most important part of all it was of the direction of God. I can say so much I gained this weekend a life changing experience a shift in my life this post will be too long if I go on. I want to just take the time to thank Niya B. Matthews for putting together such a miraculous retreat you are a phenomenal woman of God. You have touch so many lives in so many ways see I said I wasn't gone right a book lord but thank you thank you. To her amazing team Tara Evans just your energy Lord the presence of God is upon me you did a great job April Davis I'm telling you God is all over this from the food to the atmosphere created by the team. Niya thank you to your husband Eric Matthews and the other men who were gentlemen from grabbing our bags from the time we met at the pickup location just being pure gentlemen the entire weekend. May God continue to bless you in your journey of great things. Thank you   
Amanda Flower - Kennesaw, GA


This past weekend was nothing short of AMAZING. My 1st women's retreat....the only expectation I had and prayed for was to hear a word from GOD...and I did. Soulfood Sessions with Niya and Jackie Flemming blessed me tremendously with their prophetic words and I received it!!!! Ladies this retreat is a must to feel REFRESHED Restored and Rejuvenated.

Yvette McDaniel - Baltimore, MD


When I heard about the Soulfood Sessions with Niya retreat, I signed up without hesitation. My tank was almost depleted, and I had been looking for a place to retreat with other like-minded women and reset. I arrived at the retreat carrying anger, resentment, mistrust, hurt, procrastination, doubt, fear and just an overall feeling of being stuck. I enjoyed a weekend of spiritual activities, laughter, fun, and bonding. I left the retreat with more joy, forgiveness, determination, assurance, and a sense that I can and will overcome all obstacles I face. The experience is allowing me to release, recharge, and reset my life! And “You Can” too! SSWN Spring ‘18 .
Candace Mason Ryan
- Atlanta, GA

Good afternoon, I thank GOD for your kind spirit. I've gained so much this weekend and the process I know was necessary!!! I love you my sister!! I'm so full. I came to Blue Ridge broken but left restored and WHOLE. Naked and unashamed and I thank you for being transparent.

Lateefa Wilson - Stockbridge, GA